Take Care of the Trees and Plants on Your Property

Take Care of the Trees and Plants on Your Property

Trust Nunnally's Tree Service for expert plant care in Chesterfield & Woodlake, VA

You planted trees on your property to add value and beauty to your space. That’s why it’s important that you maintain them for years. If you suspect your trees have become diseased or overtaken by fungi, it’s time to call in the pros. Nunnally’s Tree Service offers expert tree and plant care services at homes and businesses in Chesterfield & Woodlake, VA.

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4 tree care services Nunnally's Tree Service provides

You can count on a team of experienced, certified arborists to maintain the health of your trees. Our talented tree care specialists will:


  1. Inject your trees with treatments for pests.
  2. Provide deep root fertilization treatments.
  3. Identify diseases or fungi on your trees.
  4. Provide your trees with antifungal treatments.







Keep your trees healthy and strong with a little help from Nunnally’s Tree Service. Our pest treatment services include prevention measures for common pests like Southern pine beetles and carpenter ants.

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