Use Winter Wisely and Get Prepared for Spring and Summer

Every season comes with its own to do list for homeowners. We know in the spring to work on the lawn and plant flowers. In the summer, we inspect HVAC, clean gutters and do other general maintenance. In the autumn we have more lawn maintenance and we do our best to keep up with the onslaught of leaves that fall daily. While the winter seems like the ideal time to hibernate, it is actually an ideal time for tree maintenance. Many tree companies work all year round, which is often a misconception for homeowners.

One of the biggest advantages of a winter arborist consultation is the opportunity for structural pruning. Structural pruning removes or reduces the length of the stems that compete with the primary leader. The reason it is advantageous to do this pruning in the winter is because the arborist is able to see the natural form of the skeleton of the canopy without the normal draping effect that is caused by the weight of foliage. This is a great time to create structure clearance, inspect for weakly attached limbs and branches, poor trunk unions and general canopy elevation work. It is important to note that when hiring a team to trim or prune your trees, make certain that they will not be using spikes to access your trees canopy. If your tree is not being removed, climbing spikes will cause undue stress to your tree and can spread disease from one tree to the next.

While winters snow and ice threat could be enough to damage even very healthy trees, the true value of a winter arborist consultation lies in the preparedness for spring and summers strong storms. The waiting list for service with your favorite tree company can be very lengthy in the warmer months. Schedule a consultation and address any concerns promptly, and you will be well ahead of the crowd.

By Timothy Nunnally Jr.