Chesterfields Most Frequently Asked Tree Care Questions

Yes, we are a licensed and insured tree care company. Our comprehensive insurance coverage provides protection for our clients and their properties, giving you peace of mind when choosing our services.

A Certified Arborist is a tree worker who has passed an examination covering many facets of the tree care industry. In most cases a Certified Arborist will be able to tell you why a services is being prescribed to your tree just as much as how the service will be completed. To maintain accreditation a Certified Arborist must complete continuing education courses, thus staying up to date on plant/tree health care and safety procedures.

Absolutely. Our owner Tim is a certified arborist meaning he has undergone extensive training and possesses in-depth knowledge of tree care. He is skilled in evaluating tree health, identifying potential issues, and recommending appropriate courses of action. When you choose our services, you can trust that your trees will be assessed by qualified professionals.

While each tree removal project is unique, we prioritize careful planning and execution to minimize potential damage to your yard. Our experienced team utilizes proper rigging techniques, bucket trucks, or cranes when necessary to ensure safe and efficient tree removal. We also take great care in cleaning up after the removal process, leaving your yard in the best possible condition.

Determining whether a tree should be removed or pruned depends on various factors such as its health, structural integrity, and potential risks. Our tree care professionals will assess your tree and provide expert recommendations based on its specific circumstances. We believe in open and transparent communication, and we will take the time to explain the inherent risks of owning trees and the benefits of proper maintenance. Ultimately, the decision to remove or prune the tree will be a collaborative one, taking into account your preferences and our professional expertise.

No, we do not practice topping trees. Topping involves the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches, which not only compromises the health and structural integrity of the tree but also increases the risk of failure. Instead, we focus on proper pruning techniques that promote tree health and maintain its natural form. Our tree care team will provide alternative solutions to address height concerns while ensuring the long-term health and safety of your tree.

Yes, we can help resolve tree-related issues between neighbors. While there may be limitations due to property boundaries and local regulations, we can provide professional solutions to address the situation. Our team will assess the tree and its impact on your property, and we will work within the legal boundaries to carefully trim branches that are encroaching on your house. Our goal is to find a resolution that promotes harmony between neighbors while maintaining the health and safety of the tree.

It is a great idea to keep and maintain trees on your property. Well maintained trees provide benefits such as increased property value, improved air quality, and habitat for local wildlife.

While it is impossible to know exactly how old your trees are without destroying the tree, a Certified Arborist can estimate the age based on its species, specific growth factors, and diameter.

The tree removal process is a subject of incredible breadth. Beginning with the dismantle, a tree can be brought down with as little as a well executed notch and felling cut, or the dismantle may require a climber to ascend the tree and cut off pieces suitable for the landing zone below; but that is just the beginning.

Depending on items in the landing zone to be preserved, even including turf, the dismantle may require either a simple or complex rigging system to prevent the cut pieces of the tree crashing into the “targets” below. If a tree is so large, or so hazardous, or situated in a drop zone to small for efficient rigging, the use of a crane to assist the climber may even be prudent.

Once the tree is dismantled safely, the crew will begin processing the waste material in accordance with the prearranged wishes of the client. While most clients request that all waste be removed from the site, some elect to leave the debris on site as a cost saving measure or to make use of the waste in some way. At this point only a tree stump remains.

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